•   I decided to take my 9 years old daughter to Barbie Expo today; She loooooves Barbies, however she didn't know where I'm taking her... Expression on her face was worth million dollars when she saw all the wonderful Barbies... Thank you Barbie Expo for wonderful...More

    thumb Dan Z

      This exhibit was super interesting with Barbie's from all over the world as well as cultures and even old Hitchcock movies. Very cool and intricate. The fashion designs on the Barbie's were excellent and of a time era past. A must see for anyone who...More

    thumb 894and

      You will enjoy this exhibit! I visited with my 8 year old girl and I can honestly say we both loved this cool collection. The details in the hairstyles and the jewelry, the different characters and pop culture iconic elements among the different Barbies are...More

    thumb YU21971Jbravo

      Hi! I'm from Perú and this expo blow my mind! You can see all the barbies across the world and you can see across time too! Enter there is having a ticket direct to your chilhood!! J'aime Barbie <3!!!

    thumb 1089Stephanie

      Barbie everywhere, all kinds, all cultures... just amazing. You can spend hours at this free expo in Montreal. If you are a fan of Barbie, I strongly recommend this cute expo.

    thumb Sonia H

      After seeing signs around the Peel metro station, I’ve always been intrigued about Barbie Expo. I finally found time to go with my sister, and we were pleasantly surprised!! There were so many Barbies with different themes (i.e. weddings, celebs, etc.) and a Barbie box...More

    thumb Hiyaku

      So Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I love barbie's and fashion so when we went there i practically screamed! I loved it!!!!!!! The barbies had history and Awesomeness mixed into one!!!! You do not get that very often these days! It was such a Amazing experience.I want to live...More

    thumb natnadam

      Stunning dolls love the gorgeous layout of the expo . Brought me back to my childhood !! The clothes and hair were really cute

    thumb 335yasminem

      I loved the Barbie Expo! It really brought up so many childhood memories. I used to have so many barbies and accessories! It was my favourite to create scenarios and families with all my barbies!! It was interesting to see all the diverse barbies at...More

    thumb Erika P
  •   My husband grumbled about going to this but when I mentioned it was one the way home and FREE he was persuaded since we had out 9yo with us...and he ended up LOVING IT. We all appreciate art and design so seeing all the barbies...More

    thumb kritta21

      I was in fact randomly shopping and was trying to find the indigo shop and found this amazing Barbie exposition! It was really a good surprise and we spent at least 1 hour looking at all the kinds of barbies. It reminded me of my...More

    thumb Sabrina P

      Looking at all the beautifully designed outfits and meticulous work put into this expo..just has me gagging at how awesome it is. Fabulous family fun. A must visit. Plus it's free!!

    thumb Moon N

      Its unbelievable how fun is this doll expo. They brought not regular Barbies, all of them are special or unique. I liked most those who represented a Brand, Harley, Calvin Klein and Loboutini were that great in details. More than interesting it is entertainment. Great...More

    thumb MiltonKanno

      What an awesome day spent with my two little girls 6 and 4.5 years old!!! We really enjoyed all the beautiful setups and themes!!!

    thumb Carmy I

      This was by far the most amazing stop we did! I had no idea what to expect and this was so worth it. We got to see so many beautiful barbie dolss.

    thumb 400ladalang

      A wonderful and free entertainment of a Barbie world to explore with friends to recall your kiddo days with her.

    thumb KDaroundtheworld5

      Amazing expo, I didn't expect, went there cause my daughter insisted ,so I went for her and I was so surprised about the barbies, wow, all the details , amazing, I stayed one hour looking at ...is really worthed to go,and to describe it I...More

    thumb Codruta Ioana R

      This place was fun to see and if you are in the area it could be worth a shorter detour. However I would not suggest making any extra efforts to get here. Spent 20 minutes which was enough. Not for small kids because 1. Barbie...More

    thumb josefinn15
  •   I came with my family of 3 girls and 2 teenage boys and we all enjoyed it! The fashions were so intricate and amazing. Our 8 year old who loves Barbie was in Barbie heaven!

    thumb F1802ILcarolinel

      Didn't think a doll exhibition could be so interesting. There is something for everyone here, saw lots of men taking pics of the Elvis dolls. I liked the dolls from different countries even though they didn't have one from my own country (Trinidad and Tobago)....More

    thumb Xennialtraveler

      It was such a fantastic experience to see the most beautiful barbie(my wife) among so many others. My wife loved Millions of dreams barbie.

    thumb Mramzan82

      Where there are Barbies, there are scores of little girls (and boys) ready to admire the dolls, their outfits and the many photo opportunities in the exhibit. We had our own little person, aged two and three-quarters, travelling with us. He loved the little photo...More

    thumb Saturday27

      We weren't planning to visit the Expo, but we had a few hours to spare between our hotel checkout and flight. It was freezing rain outside, so we were looking for an indoor activity in a convenient location. I think we were all surprised by...More

    thumb Pennygirly

      When I visit a new place, I like to find an attraction that I would not normally visit and has very high reviews. In Montreal for me this was the Barbie Expo. I found a free exhibit with a welcome nod to diversity and a...More

    thumb Bucket_lister411

      At Barbie expo i felt like living the dream of my life,it was my childhood fantasy and seen this in real was so wonderfull😍😍😍

    thumb Rameesha M

      We went with our 12 and 7 year old daughters. Such a great exhibit! Our younger daughter especially loved the Dylan's Candy Bar doll. The Elvis scenes were great too. There was something there for everyone!

    thumb JennF1969

      Had a ball at the Barbie Expo today. My 7 year old had a great time posing in the Barbie boxes. I loved the different dolls and attention to detail.

    thumb Lex J
  •   My husband was the most excited! Seriously, it is fun to see all the designs and mini wax museum-like display of celebs. And pose in the Barbie boxes, of course. 😉

    thumb walksabout

      The Barbie Expo is centrally located within a shopping center and by several metro stations, but the closest is Peel Metro (I think). Not only is the museum really fun and interesting with so many exhibits, but it is also FREE! Must-visit!

    thumb Canadian_Traveller_

      Located in downtown Montreal, at metro Peel station. It is a great exhibition that connects you with your childhood and surprises you with the great variety of dolls in different roles, professions and costumes. They are representing all different cultures from around the world. Perfect...More

    thumb Nahuyasi

      Since Barbie and I are the same age, and we have a lot of history together, I dragged my husband to see the exposition. Even he was impressed. The costumes, the outfits, the styles - so many to see! One of my favorites was Carol...More

    thumb Katie D

      This is a wonderful place to visit! I was so surprised to see all the different Barbies. It brought back lots of memories from when I was a little girl. Very well done!

    thumb tammyhA2584VQ

      Surprisingly interesting for the whole family. Glad we went. Free, easy, and indoors. Fun selection of designers and movie charachters.

    thumb MerTrimble4

      My wife went back to her childhood 🤗🤗. We enjoyed it so much! She loved seen all the barbie dolls and the fashion show was her favorite. I enjoyed seen her explain everything to our little daughter. Thanks for having this!

    thumb Antonio A

      I visited the barbie expo with my wife and found it to be very interesting and fun. The best was watching my wife look at every barbie and remembering the ones she had as a kid. A very well spent hour - worth going with...More

    thumb AngeloPasto

      A good way to kill 1 hour... lots of dolls to see and see all the dolls you never knew existed... its a different world.. and its free ..

    thumb Mike S
  •   I have just visited for the 4th time and can't wait to go back again. This is a beautiful and classy exhibition of gorgeous Barbie dolls and as an adult collector, I am in doll heaven every time I go. I hope it never closes!!

    thumb Judie A

      I recently went to the barbie expo with my boyfriend and we both loved that place. It's so nice to see that they take the time to put new barbies from time to time so we always get to see something new . The place...More

    thumb Barbiemtl

      My daughter and I have been collecting Barbies since she was 5 years old (now 24) and have collected some of the rare and expensive collector dolls. This collection was fantastic and great to see them looked after for generations to enjoy. One of the...More

    thumb aksjmarshman

      The exhibit is amazing! Barbie dolls dressed in outfits from around the world, in designer clothing and some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I've ever seen. I was so taken with dolls dressed like celebrities and movie characters. It was a fun way to...More

    thumb Daisy L

      I went with my niece last year or two years ago and she loved it as me! It's crazy how many Barbie's there were exposed!

    thumb Mélany G

      It's in a great location, downtown, so you can breeze through it or take as long as you want to see the exhibit. Either way, you are in a great location for pre or post activities, shopping and meals. Some of the dolls are really...More

    thumb Rose193

      A different attraction in a shopping mall well worth a visit if you have ever owned, or are interested in Barbies! My daughter and I visited one afternoon and enjoyed looking at all the different Barbies on display! It is mind blowing to see the...More

    thumb ekulandaidyl

      Awesome display of lots of different Barbies. Never knew they made a Barbie for each country in each of the countries native outfits. They created Barbies for famous people, for designers, they had a Barbie catwalk as well. Also a box for you to become...More

    thumb Babydonutx

      It took us a second in the mall to find it, but it was cool little place to explore for a few minutes. More Barbies than I ever knew existed. Doesn't take a lot of time, but it's nice to stop by and look around.

    thumb Elizabeth C
  •   A nice exhibit showcasing decades of Barbie. So many beautiful designs. Worth the visit. It’s in the back of a mall. Complimentary to view.

    thumb FoodieHfx

      This was a very interesting experience. There were SO many different Barbies, both from different time periods and places, as well as movie/show characters and celebrities. Not a big doll person but I actually really enjoyed it

    thumb Explorer6571823

      I had no idea this was in town, we just happened to see the poster on our last day of our trip. I'm so glad I checked it out, the costumes on the Barbies were incredible!

    thumb willtravelforf00d

      Very beautiful expo. You have to see it 👍👍👍 The clothes and hair are wonderful. You can travel all around the world with the expo.

    thumb GhislaineD176

      We went to Montreal on a family trip, which included three girls. Found out about this expo and thought it would be nice to see it. We all enjoyed it much more that expected, even the dads. And it's FREE it doesn't get much better...More

    thumb Carolyn G

      Very good to see, not boring at all even I thought it would be for me as a man! Lot of different designs to see! Worth it.

    thumb rdgzchema

      Spent a 1/2 day in Montreal before traveling back to the States to go skiing and since I have a 7yr old daughter and we had limited time in Montreal I knew this would be a winner. We kept this stop as a surprise and...More

    thumb bdmatt54

      Spend a wonderful afternoon at the exhibit. The girls loved it and wamted to take all the Barbies home 🙂 I had fun too! Lots of history and culture, fun for everyone who loves fashion and barbies

    thumb Nadrahal

      Swing by and check out all the different Barbies on display at the Barbie Expo. The outfits are unreal. There is even a giant Barbie box you can take pictures in. Plan on a 1-2 hour visit, depending on how fast or slow you explore.

    thumb traveltrixie
  •   Amazing contribution of so many different configurations of Barbie, accessories, Kent… my daugther really enjoyed it !

    thumb Global12770661209

      Toured the Barbie Expo on a whim on our last day in Montreal before we headed to the airport. So glad we did. Very cool! Even my 12 year old son liked it. It is free to go in, but all donations go to the...More

    thumb Cindy M

      I spent a wonderful afternoon with my daughter. We loved the costumes and the dolls. We could see the details. It was perfect.

    thumb Flávia S

      I highly recommend you to do it, it is free and just fabulous! Take some time, relax and enjoy the magic of Barbie. 😍

    thumb Elecanseco

      Wonderful exhibit with amazing costumes and dolls. We loved it! We were with four young girls who were absolutely delighted.

    thumb peggyb196

      I’m not a fan of Barbie itself but the expo is done very well and you can’t help but be impressed with the wardrobes. Easy to get to - make the trip.

    thumb Patricia F

      The experience was magical! The barbies are just breathtaking and wonderful to watch. I can only imagine the hours that were put into setting all this up and the creativity, BRAVO! Just beautiful. Having played with barbies and my daughter too, we were in awe...More

    thumb ukelele2016

      A place to feel close to your country when you see barbie representing . Different religion and cultures under one roof and so beautifully maintained . I have lived my childhood playing with barbie and this place revived my beautiful memories. A day well spent...More

    thumb meetsy16

      This great expo is in the middle of a mall, which makes it really convenient (especially if you want to duck out of the cold for a bit and warm up). Spent around 30 minutes looking, there are a lot of types of barbie on...More

    thumb 1993Kiwi