•   Came upon the exhibit completely by chance. It brought back so many fond memories. An extensive collection of Barbies in so many different costumes. Very impressive and such fun!!!

    thumb 29dora

      Was never a big Barbie fan growing up but my daughter and I really enjoyed this exhibit. The outfits were just amazing and really enjoyed all of the ethnic dress as well as the celebrities. Free and about 30 minutes to view.

    thumb micheleh152

      Very interesting. It has been here for a few years but always brings a crowd. I don't think Ken is here,

    thumb Pat M

      Small but excellent FREE exhibit in a small mall. We came on a weekday during the day and it was super empty! Got some nice unique photos. If more tourists come though it will be less awesome, but for now, a definite visit for as...More

    thumb chauminhp

      If you are from here or visiting, this is a must do activity and it’s entirely FREE! This collection is amazing and you can immerse in Barbie’s world for hours.

    thumb Robb05

      Even if you are not a Barbie collector, you should definitely go. It’s an incredible display of rare and collectible and designer Barbies. So glad I was told about this expo!

    thumb Kat562

      Who knew there were so many Barbies?! This expo is worth a quick visit even if you are not a huge Barbie fan. There are tons of beautiful dolls dressed in fabulous costumes, representing different cultures, royalty, companies, movie stars, and more. And it’s free!

    thumb paulam390

      Just happened to be wondering around in the underground shopping complexe and stumbled accross this. (will probably not be able to find it again LOL).

    thumb Rick R

      I am a guy and got dragged to see this exhibit. The girls thought is was great. I guess there were a lot of themes and the layout was bright and open. It was not my thing but some people might enjoy it.

    thumb NeilH532
  •   Worth 30 minutes of your time. The clever creatives at Barbie made us smile and all in the name of a good cause.

    thumb Davidbignose

      Saw this on a website and it took us a while to find it (not many signs) but really was worth it!! I grew up playing with Barbies and this was a fun way to spend an hour inside, out of the rain. FREE admission...More

    thumb LLA4

      We stumbled upon the Barbie Expo which is located in an upscale shopping center. I expected a history of Barbies but was surprised (and delighted) to see room after room of Barbies dressed in custom and imaginative outfits to depict varied themes such as a...More

    thumb Jillef

      So fun seeing hundreds of Barbie's dressed in all the fashion designers you know and love. It is a fun experience and completely free.

    thumb cate949

      The exhibit was in a great location, inside of a mall. I never knew there were so many Barbies! No matter what your age, this exhibit is classic.

    thumb SiDu31

      We really enjoyed this - a fun stop to view Barbie dolls dressed as famous people, characters, nations and other themes.

    thumb Jennifer M

      Even if you don't love barbies (but excuse me who doesn't), this is a fun little site to see. It's free, so if you're trying stay on a budget it's a neat little attraction that fits in the budget. Really neat to see all these...More

    thumb CompletelyChelsea

      I have ZERO idea how this exhibit got 5 stars on average! It is a small area, with no interactivity. Sure, there are a lot of dolls. I loved Barbie as a child, so interesting. Why there were no scenes using Barbie accessories etc. So...More

    thumb Amanda_B109

      It’s a great short and sweet expo and it is free! It’s located inside a nice mall. Many variety of Barbie dolls with her Ken too!

    thumb RavelsbenC
  •   A very interesting and amazing collection of Barbie through the ages. This is a huge collection of Barbies and it is "crazy" seeing all the fashion designors, movie stars and entertainment icons who are part of this Barbie EXPOSITION. Don't miss it.

    thumb BillyUpUp

      Who knew Barbie Dolls could be such fun! At first it seemed a bit weird for an adult couple to spend a few hours looking at dolls but it turned out to be fun and interesting. The dolls -- and there are hundreds of them---...More

    thumb ramblingstone

      The costumes were pretty incredible. We particularly liked the Bob Mackie designs. Best of all it's completely free!

    thumb yannybanany

      We came across the Barbie Expo by accident, looking for something else but so glad we got to see it! What a great display! Free admission and such a lovely layout! So if you happen to be in wonderful Montreal.. go see it!!

    thumb DorisDave

      We entered a shopping centre that has the Barbie expo on. Inside there were hundreds of Barbie dolls displayed. There were Barbies representative of every country Barbie is enjoyed by children of all ages. Famous weddings were captured by Barbie, as well as movies, celebrities...More

    thumb Vanessa M

      For those who remember the special Barbie dolls for sale at department stores that you never owned with elaborate dresses and themes, this is like seeing hundreds of them at once. Even those who never played with Barbies can find figures from stories or popular...More

    thumb 99_amber_999

      I learned about this expo during my vintage shopping tour. it was steps away from the hotel, so I had to go see it. As a lover of fashion, I found the exhibit very enjoyable. The artistry displayed in the gowns and accessories was amazing....More

    thumb scrappying

      I moved here from Ontario in July 2018 and frequented the Montreal area since July 2017. The Barbie Expo is a spot I journey to one every month or so, with and without my daughter. When friends and family have visited since moving here, it's...More

    thumb MissyTiink

      A must see! You will spend extra time perusing for sure. Even if you are not a Barbie person, the display is beautiful.

    thumb Kelly N
  •   There isn't much activity and I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for more than just seeing some pretty cool Barbies. However, if you are a Barbie fan, or even a girl that used to love Barbies, seeing them all "dolled up" in different styles...More

    thumb wandermomo

      Went with a friend and loved it! 💗 A lot of different type of barbies, a beautiful fountain ⛲️ in the entrance, the entrance in free (yey) and easy to find (metro peel)... I will definitely return 😍 #allofthebarbies

    thumb Sabrinakikina

      Went with my daughters, easy access to Metro, free admission. So many beautiful Barbies, beautiful decor, waterfall, fountain, chandeliers etc... wow we really enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

    thumb V P

      This exhibit consisted of an immense collection of barbies with outfits of many different genres, from designer couture to movies to celebrities to nationalities to historical. It was intriguing because the cultural references are presented within the Barbie context. This "Barbie lens" (to coin a...More

    thumb jar8882016

      Excellent free activity with kids. Kids loved taking pictures in the Barbie box. Great place to come every year!

    thumb svetaglaz

      On a birthday we went to the barbie expo. We really like barbies. All of those barbies. It was the best time ever! We really enjoyed it. I really want to go again. We were so excited. We started running all around when we entered.I...More

    thumb Sandra M

      Great I took a lot of pictures of the beautiful barbies and wish I could have bought them all !!!!!!!!

    thumb Kat B

      I liked it very much. You can see different barbies representing cultures, movies, actors, actresses, and fashion styles. It is not only for girls it is for general public.

    thumb angelicamariat2019

      Harley-Davidson Barbie? Cabaret Barbies? Lord of the Ring Barbies? Christian Dior Barbie? yes, you got it. This place has all these one-of-a-kind Barbies and more! Kids and adults alike would love it.

    thumb thecreatist
  •   I was lucky to pass by Barbies expo by accident. It is spectacular abd irresistible! Never saw so many gorgeous Barbi dolls in one place! If only my daughter was travelling and in Montreal with me(( she’d love to see what I saw and would...More

    thumb Nparfenova

      I really liked the exposition: it features a lot a different Barbie dolls, and you can visit it for free 🙂

    thumb noeliasorba

      My husband and I, took our grand-daughter to see The Barbie Expo...this is what she said «Wow » we really enjoyed it,And did I mention it was free!

    thumb Marie-therese L

      I am a 27 year old male who was traveling alone and I thoroughly enjoyed this. use it as a starting point for a walk through the underground city!

    thumb radioblaster

      When I knew that there is a Barbie Expo is going on in Montreal during my short stay there - I took my colleagues and we went there together. We are airline crew, all from different countries: Russia,Japan and South Africa. So it was absolutely...More

    thumb mali_komankova

      Probably one of the best things I saw in Montreal! Super fun and such a great collection for fashion and barbie lovers! All are there!

    thumb Moraseeds

      It was a very rainy day and we were 2 couples planning to visit the Barbie exhibit. The men enjoyed it as much as the ladies did. There were Barbies of celebrities, Barbies in designer clothing, Barbies of television characters, movie stars, models, it was...More

    thumb Denise P

      I decided to take my 9 years old daughter to Barbie Expo today; She loooooves Barbies, however she didn't know where I'm taking her... Expression on her face was worth million dollars when she saw all the wonderful Barbies... Thank you Barbie Expo for wonderful...More

    thumb Dan Z

      This exhibit was super interesting with Barbie's from all over the world as well as cultures and even old Hitchcock movies. Very cool and intricate. The fashion designs on the Barbie's were excellent and of a time era past. A must see for anyone who...More

    thumb 894and
  •   You will enjoy this exhibit! I visited with my 8 year old girl and I can honestly say we both loved this cool collection. The details in the hairstyles and the jewelry, the different characters and pop culture iconic elements among the different Barbies are...More

    thumb YU21971Jbravo

      Hi! I'm from Perú and this expo blow my mind! You can see all the barbies across the world and you can see across time too! Enter there is having a ticket direct to your chilhood!! J'aime Barbie <3!!!

    thumb 1089Stephanie

      Barbie everywhere, all kinds, all cultures... just amazing. You can spend hours at this free expo in Montreal. If you are a fan of Barbie, I strongly recommend this cute expo.

    thumb Sonia H

      After seeing signs around the Peel metro station, I’ve always been intrigued about Barbie Expo. I finally found time to go with my sister, and we were pleasantly surprised!! There were so many Barbies with different themes (i.e. weddings, celebs, etc.) and a Barbie box...More

    thumb Hiyaku

      My husband grumbled about going to this but when I mentioned it was one the way home and FREE he was persuaded since we had out 9yo with us...and he ended up LOVING IT. We all appreciate art and design so seeing all the barbies...More

    thumb kritta21

      I was in fact randomly shopping and was trying to find the indigo shop and found this amazing Barbie exposition! It was really a good surprise and we spent at least 1 hour looking at all the kinds of barbies. It reminded me of my...More

    thumb Sabrina P

      Looking at all the beautifully designed outfits and meticulous work put into this expo..just has me gagging at how awesome it is. Fabulous family fun. A must visit. Plus it's free!!

    thumb Moon N

      Its unbelievable how fun is this doll expo. They brought not regular Barbies, all of them are special or unique. I liked most those who represented a Brand, Harley, Calvin Klein and Loboutini were that great in details. More than interesting it is entertainment. Great...More

    thumb MiltonKanno

      What an awesome day spent with my two little girls 6 and 4.5 years old!!! We really enjoyed all the beautiful setups and themes!!!

    thumb Carmy I
  •   This was by far the most amazing stop we did! I had no idea what to expect and this was so worth it. We got to see so many beautiful barbie dolss.

    thumb 400ladalang

      A wonderful and free entertainment of a Barbie world to explore with friends to recall your kiddo days with her.

    thumb KDaroundtheworld5

      Amazing expo, I didn't expect, went there cause my daughter insisted ,so I went for her and I was so surprised about the barbies, wow, all the details , amazing, I stayed one hour looking at ...is really worthed to go,and to describe it I...More

    thumb Codruta Ioana R

      This place was fun to see and if you are in the area it could be worth a shorter detour. However I would not suggest making any extra efforts to get here. Spent 20 minutes which was enough. Not for small kids because 1. Barbie...More

    thumb josefinn15

      I came with my family of 3 girls and 2 teenage boys and we all enjoyed it! The fashions were so intricate and amazing. Our 8 year old who loves Barbie was in Barbie heaven!

    thumb F1802ILcarolinel

      Didn't think a doll exhibition could be so interesting. There is something for everyone here, saw lots of men taking pics of the Elvis dolls. I liked the dolls from different countries even though they didn't have one from my own country (Trinidad and Tobago)....More

    thumb Xennialtraveler

      It was such a fantastic experience to see the most beautiful barbie(my wife) among so many others. My wife loved Millions of dreams barbie.

    thumb Mramzan82

      Where there are Barbies, there are scores of little girls (and boys) ready to admire the dolls, their outfits and the many photo opportunities in the exhibit. We had our own little person, aged two and three-quarters, travelling with us. He loved the little photo...More

    thumb Saturday27

      We weren't planning to visit the Expo, but we had a few hours to spare between our hotel checkout and flight. It was freezing rain outside, so we were looking for an indoor activity in a convenient location. I think we were all surprised by...More

    thumb Pennygirly