•   A beautiful Free exibition for all Barbie lovers ,and fashion lovers ,vintage,International,elegant fashion


      There were hundreds of Barbies dressed in fabulous outfits behind glass cases. There were no explanations nor did they provide any background history of Barbie. The biggest disappointment was a lack of gift shop. This is a nice walk around if you happen to be there, but not as a destination unless you are a die hard fan.

    stephanie l

      About 400 different versions of Barbie, one for nearly every country in the world, plus many wearing clothes from famous designers.


      Hundreds of Barbies in period, modern, costume, action hero and more dress. The whole thing is free (tho a donation to the "Make-a-Wish" foundation is requested.) Kids and elders all seemed to enjoy this exhibit and I saw absolutely no one without a big smile. It's really worth an hour.


      Showcasing a great variety of barbie dolls is a good entertainment for children who loves or even adults. On top of it, it is free too. Get to the mall and see the expo in the second floor


      We discovered the exhibit quite by accident and decided to pop in a have a look. It was incredible. It featured Barbie couture of the last 60 years. Wedding gowns, national costumes as well as outfit designed by Bob Mackie, Dior, Reem Accra to name a few. The models were Barbie from different decades and features a mechanical runway fashion show. The exhibit is free and will take you back to your childhood love of Barbie.


      Walking by casually and decided to stop in since it is free. Was worth it since the collection is very expansive.

    Ava R

      This is actually a really cool exhibit. Lots of nostalgia so the older you are, the better. It's neat to see the number and variety of dolls in this FREE exhibit. There are even some life-size Barbie boxes so anyone can stand inside and look just like a doll for sale on the store shelves. Great for couples. Kids get bored easily so plan a shorter visit if there are little ones with you. There are also lots of shops in the mall, a convenient store, and a cafe with yummy coffee. A great way to spend an hour or so indoors.


      The Barbie Expo is a real gem. This attraction is free, located inside a shopping mall. Easy to find and access. We were delighted to see SO MANY BARBIES!! It's like a walk through pop culture history. The fashions, the celebrities, movies, and tv shows portrayed, it was all so interesting. The displays are very well done. The expo is spacious and has a very cool moving display of a runway show. The fountains in the middle are a great addition. Overall we loved this spot during our several days in Montreal!

  •   For any big or little girl who had a Barbie, this is a great exhibit. No charge and case after case of Barbies, dressed differently.


      Even if you’re not into Barbie, the expo is an exhibit of dolls and wardrobe with amazing detail and diversity of clothing and Barbies. Look for the celebrity “Barbies” of Cher, Beyoncé, Daniel Craig, Elvis, JLo, James Dean, and others. Of course, there’s the opportunity to put yourself on the shelf.

    Tip: Nearby the mall is a major street for shopping, Saint Catherine Rue.


      We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this incredible display. Such creativity and outstandingly detailed! We would definitely go again and major bonus, it is a FREE exhibit.


      My 15-year old daughter and I dodged a rainy afternoon by adventuring through the underground maze of a city to reach the Barbie Expo. We were astounded at the number of dolls on display and the variety. It is so well done. We enjoyed analyzing...More


      We didn’t realize it was free and in a mall. We were lost and saw the sign. It was amazing. My favorite was zombie bride Barbie. If you ever had a Barbie or like fashion it is a must see!!


      This was a great last minute stop in Montreal when we were in the neighborhood. Our young daughter thought the Barbies were very cool, and my husband and I found the exhibit entertaining as well. You only need 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes, it’s...More


      There were so so many Barbie dolls in this free exhibit! I played with the dolls as a child so it was a fun trip down memory lane for me. It was nicely set up with plenty of room to walk around.


      Spent a few days alone in Montreal and had stumbled upon the Barbie Expo while looking for free or cheap things to do. I’m almost 30 years old and was amazed at this display. It was so cool seeing Barbies I had as a child...More


      A very cultural demo of barbie dolls with costumes from various countries and TV shows and movies. Even as a guy, was interesting to watch. Free.

  •   I brought my teenage boys and husband... they thought I was being silly but I had to drag them out! This is a great quick visit and lots of fun.


      I hapenned upon this exhibit by accident and am not a Barbie fan but this was surprisingly interesting and a lot of fun to look through.


      This exhibit is a must-see for Barbie Fans!! It's a beautiful display of every Barbie that you can imagine, plus fun dioramas. The bonus is that it's free! The only downside is that there was no merchandise. I definitely would have bought a t-shirt or...More


      I’m a huge barbie fan, yeah, I know, she is t exactly realistic - but she has been reinvented, and there’s much o recommend regarding role play and fine hand coordination, ...plus, my first attempts at sewing clothes were for my Barbie. So many cute...More


      A fun visit and blast from the past. Saw a few of the barbies I used rot own myself....A lot of interesting fashions...and a lot of statements about women’s role....very powerful...though all in this barbie unrealistic body framework...but that’s a different (and important)story. It was...More


      Just enough info to make it interesting. Fun to see Barbies dressed as women from all over the world. Also dressed in designer clothes and as famous people and characters. Easy to see and enjoy. Highly recommend!


      We were wandering around the underground city, when my daughter spotted the exhibit. I have never seen so many Barbies in one (large) room. There were hundreds of them, historical figures, movie actors, many nationalities. We all loved it.


      The collection was unique as you got to see dresses and outfits from different eras and around the world. There were Bob Mackie designs, Twilight's Edward and Bella dolls, famous people, brides in dresses but my favorite was Elvis collection and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders....More


      We stumbled on this and had a good look around. It's a fun exhibit for anyone who loves barbies or would enjoy seeing the work that goes into the costumes. Well done. Bonus barbie boxes you can have your photo taken in - adult and...More

    Julia A
  •   My teenage son loved this expo! So many different Barbies. The designs of the outfits are are impressive. Hard to choose your favorite.

    Sara S

      My son and I were exiting the Peel Metro and decided to route through the adjacent shopping area. Suddenly, we found ourselves in the Barbie Expo, which is a free display of hundreds of various Barbie and Ken dolls. We took a few minutes to...More


      Such a wonderful expo, amazing that its free. And the collection of Barbies is just out of this world. Truly felt like a little girl again. A definite must to see when visiting Montreal.


      Whose idea was it to set up a Barbie expo in a random Montreal shopping center? Well, customizable hats off to whoever thought this up, because it ended up being a highlight of our trip, particularly for my girlfriend, who grew up with Barbies and...More


      This location was very easy to get to, the place was very clean and well organized. FREE to everyone! They had a "Barbie Box" booth where you could have your picture taken. Takes 30 minutes to walk and take pictures. For people who have a...More


      Amazing place! you might think that this only interests little girls but when I visited it was crowded with poeple of all ages. I really loved that the place is very simple (black and white with some chandeliers) and super clean, during my first visit...More


      Ex cellent. So many Barbies not found in the states. The Barbies were arranged in themes such as runway Barbies, wedding barbies and movie characters


      We stumbled across the exhibition by accident, but were surprised by the extent of it. It was a girls dream. We were interested to see the national costumes on the dolls. A much larger exhibition than we thought possible.


      What a fun little display of Barbie and her fashions. Easy to find and laid out in a way that allows for a breeze through or a slow saunter. A few lovely surprises lift it from becoming tedious.

  •   Even if you are not a Barbie fan, this is a fun diversion while shopping or downtown for dinner. Hundreds of Barbies in almost every outfit you could imagine, many done by famous designers.


      This places located next to peel metro station.There are a lot of Barbies with different styles . Also there are a place which you can take photos as a Barbie!


      This expo is just lovely. The expo is free and it is an incredible display of Barbie in the most different looks and attires, ranging from barbies representing all nations of the world, to barbies representing famous people, characters and works of art. There is...More

    thumb DonitaPo

      My family and I really enjoyed visiting the Barbie expo. My 2 girls really loved looking at all the different barbies and their fashion. The Barbies from around the world were also amazing. A great free experience to see and do.

    thumb Victoria T

      A must see no matter what your age! The outfits and details of all the dolls. Free and part of the mall. So many memories seeing these dolls!

    thumb Jodonna1959

      It seemed such a random Expo but completely took me back to my child hood and so had to go. It is wonderfully laid out and will bring a smile to anyone's face

    thumb thastain

      Very interesting exhibit that you can take a few minutes to view or an hour. The fashions are unique and even include an ELVIS section of dolls. Very near the Peel Street Metro stop so easy to breeze in and see the beautiful and unique...More

    thumb Valerie W

      Name it they have it, there is no cost. Barbies galore, different Countries, different movie/music stars.

    thumb VictoriaLaxman

      Hundreds of Barbies dressed up as celebrities, in different national costumes and as different professions. I recognised some of the outfits from the sixties. Roomy, bright area with a fountain in the middle in central Montreal. Big plus that it's free!

    thumb AnneR39
  •   Barbie Expo had hundreds of Barbue dolls beautifully displayed in showcases. Dolls wearing designer clothes, typical clothing from different countries, brides dresses and decade clothing. A wonderful collection. The Elvis and New York City collections fantastic! Barbie Expo is set in a lovely room beautifully...More

    thumb sallytoronto2016

      Came upon the exhibit completely by chance. It brought back so many fond memories. An extensive collection of Barbies in so many different costumes. Very impressive and such fun!!!

    thumb 29dora

      Was never a big Barbie fan growing up but my daughter and I really enjoyed this exhibit. The outfits were just amazing and really enjoyed all of the ethnic dress as well as the celebrities. Free and about 30 minutes to view.

    thumb micheleh152

      Very interesting. It has been here for a few years but always brings a crowd. I don't think Ken is here,

    thumb Pat M

      Small but excellent FREE exhibit in a small mall. We came on a weekday during the day and it was super empty! Got some nice unique photos. If more tourists come though it will be less awesome, but for now, a definite visit for as...More

    thumb chauminhp

      If you are from here or visiting, this is a must do activity and it’s entirely FREE! This collection is amazing and you can immerse in Barbie’s world for hours.

    thumb Robb05

      Even if you are not a Barbie collector, you should definitely go. It’s an incredible display of rare and collectible and designer Barbies. So glad I was told about this expo!

    thumb Kat562

      Who knew there were so many Barbies?! This expo is worth a quick visit even if you are not a huge Barbie fan. There are tons of beautiful dolls dressed in fabulous costumes, representing different cultures, royalty, companies, movie stars, and more. And it’s free!

    thumb paulam390

      Just happened to be wondering around in the underground shopping complexe and stumbled accross this. (will probably not be able to find it again LOL).

    thumb Rick R
  •   I am a guy and got dragged to see this exhibit. The girls thought is was great. I guess there were a lot of themes and the layout was bright and open. It was not my thing but some people might enjoy it.

    thumb NeilH532

      Worth 30 minutes of your time. The clever creatives at Barbie made us smile and all in the name of a good cause.

    thumb Davidbignose

      Saw this on a website and it took us a while to find it (not many signs) but really was worth it!! I grew up playing with Barbies and this was a fun way to spend an hour inside, out of the rain. FREE admission...More

    thumb LLA4

      We stumbled upon the Barbie Expo which is located in an upscale shopping center. I expected a history of Barbies but was surprised (and delighted) to see room after room of Barbies dressed in custom and imaginative outfits to depict varied themes such as a...More

    thumb Jillef

      So fun seeing hundreds of Barbie's dressed in all the fashion designers you know and love. It is a fun experience and completely free.

    thumb cate949

      The exhibit was in a great location, inside of a mall. I never knew there were so many Barbies! No matter what your age, this exhibit is classic.

    thumb SiDu31

      We really enjoyed this - a fun stop to view Barbie dolls dressed as famous people, characters, nations and other themes.

    thumb Jennifer M

      Even if you don't love barbies (but excuse me who doesn't), this is a fun little site to see. It's free, so if you're trying stay on a budget it's a neat little attraction that fits in the budget. Really neat to see all these...More

    thumb CompletelyChelsea

      I have ZERO idea how this exhibit got 5 stars on average! It is a small area, with no interactivity. Sure, there are a lot of dolls. I loved Barbie as a child, so interesting. Why there were no scenes using Barbie accessories etc. So...More

    thumb Amanda_B109