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Les Cours Mont Royal (LCMR): The Best Shopping Center and Shopping Mall in Downtown Montreal

LCMR will redefine the meaning of shopping, it is more than just a mall, it is an experience. From the moment you step inside the mall, astounding architectural details will surround you. From the stunning 12-storey skylight to the elegant inlaid terrazzo floors, LCMR is simply breathtaking.

Les Cours Mont Royal Shopping Mall Boutiques:

Our mall possesses a large variety of boutiques. LCMR is not only an elegant destination; it is also a fabulous shopping journey. With some of the most exclusive brands, come explore all that this stunning mall has to offer.

Les Cours Mont Royal is more than a shopping mall, it is a sanctuary where shoppers will not only be inspired but it is somewhere that will satisfy your every shopping need.

The unprecedented collection of unique retailers will entice you. Your senses will be aroused by the tantalizing blend of popular and celebrated restaurants and your body will long for the rejuvenating treatments available at the stylish spa, or the world-class medical center.


As Montreal’s premier shopping destination, Les Cours Mont-Royal offers incomparable shopping and dining with luxury brands in the heart of Downtown Montreal.





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The Best Shopping Center and Shopping Mall in Downtown Montreal

LCMR  will redefine your idea of a shopping experience.When you step into this prestigious site you will be surrounded by astounding architectural details

At The Edge of Fashion

In The Heart of Downtown Montreal


Premier Luxury Shopping destination In The Heart of Downtown Montreal Upscale and Luxury Flagship Retailers Such As:


And More at The Best Shopping Center/ Shopping Mall in Downtown Montreal For You!

You Have All You Want at LCMR Shopping Center /  The Best Montreal Shopping Mall


InWear was established in 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand was created as a fashion label for cool city girls with a feminine, urban, confident look. The brand’s iconic style was an overnight success and to this day it still defines all that is InWear.


We believe that fashion is about having fun, empowering and inspiring each other all while being unpretentious. The way we empower women is by designing our looks with great details and eye-catching prints, always in a range of colours, which makes it possible to create your own unique and feminine look.


Part Two was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1986. We create fashion for the woman who wants to look great yet at the same time feel good while enjoying life’s authentic moments. All their collections provide a credible quality expressed through attention to great design, comfortable fit, richness in fabrics and excellent craftsmanship.

Prestigious Fashion Mall

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  • rachyh6782/17/2020
    5 star rating

    Fascinating expo Loved this expo, wonderful to see Barbie from around the world and through the years. would recommend for at least 5+ as my 3 and 1 year old weren't interested but i loved it.

    5 star rating

    Heaven For A Barbie Collector I visited the Barbie Expo when I was in Montreal and I must say, it’s a Barbie Heaven for collectors like me.

    4 star rating

    Brilliant Barbie This is a wonderful display of Barbie Dolls (and Ken of course!) of all descriptions with some absolutely stunning gowns and themed costumes from celebrities to wedding dresses to around the world. It’s free too and a nice way to take a little time out

  • 71annemarieh1/31/2020
    4 star rating

    So much attention to detail! We stumbled upon this display while exploring the mall. So much fun for me, who grew up when Barbie did! The costumes and themes were really elaborate. Hundreds of Barbies and something for everyone, from Lord of the Rings to Legally Blonde.

    Christina R1/21/2020
    4 star rating

    Great free exhibit Surprisingly entertaining, even if, like me, you never played with Barbies as a kid. There are Barbies here inspired by celebrities, Barbies inspired by famous artworks, and Barbies inspired by traditional cultures around the world.

    5 star rating

    my daugther loved it the ultimate place to take your little girl to show her all the barbies. we both loved it. It was free and worth it.

  • seekingquality11/09/2020
    5 star rating

    Great Barbie Exhibit!! My 19 year old daughter and I visited the Barbie exhibit and were blown away by the outfits, themes, and scope of the exhibit. Anyone who has ever had or dressed Barbie will be sure to love it ! The outfits alone were spot on!

    5 star rating

    Barbie expo was fantastic We visited the Barbie expo on a rainy day and spent about an hour. It was great! Even my husband enjoyed the unique barbies!

    5 star rating

    So cute I really enjoyed the attraction, particularly the "fashion show" that was set up. It's a great stop if you're already in the mall shopping and its free.

  • effielevenson12/30/2019
    5 star rating

    Loved it SO much! So cool and amazing displays! Loved looking at all of the detailed clothing and hairstyles! I loved how the admission was free

    5 star rating

    Wow This place will make you say, "Wow!". Great place. Great facility. Awesome atmosphere. A must place to visit.

    5 star rating

    Great experience for young girls (and old) Very cool exhibition. My daughters loved looking at the awesome designs and taking pictures of the Barbie dolls. You can spend hours looking at all details

  • Krista T11/29/2019
    4 star rating

    Barbie Extravaganza! Oh the fashions!!! Tucked away from the business of inside shopping is this great treasure exhibition! We loved the show, barbies from all time periods and cultures! Especially loved the life size Barbie Box for participants to share in the fun... wear something Barbie would wear!

    5 star rating

    Totally Fun This is free and fun. We loved it so much we went back for a second visit. Relive your childhood with Barbie.

    5 star rating

    Barbie Expo My son and I were pleasantly surprised by the Barbie Expo. It snowed so we were exploring the underground. Amazing how many barbies there are, the runway was hilarious!