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Welcome to Les Cours Mont Royal


Les Cours Mont Royal

will redefine your idea of a shopping experience. When you step into this prestigious site you will be surrounded by astounding architectural details.

Whether you look up at the incredibly high (12 storey) skylight or down to the elegant inlaid terrazzo floors, the distinctive personality of our all inclusive centre will become immediately apparent.
The unprecedented collection of unique retailers will entice you; your senses will be aroused by the tantalizing blend of popular and celebrated restaurants; and your body will long for the rejuvenating treatments available at the stylish spa, or the world class medical centre.

Les Cours Mont Royal Boutiques

With stores with a wide variety of appeal, Les Cours Mont Royal is both a fabulous journey and an elegant destination. Explore the whole centre, or zero in on your favourite location; either way you will enjoy an experience unlike anywhere else.

Let yourself escape to Les Cours Mont Royal – a sanctuary where the discriminating shopper will find the best Montreal has to offer. You will be inspired by our warmth, luxury and originality.


Our Approach


 Les Cours Mont Royal will redefine your idea of a shopping experience.When you step into this prestigious site you will be surrounded by astounding architectural details

At The Edge of Fashion

In The Heart of Downtown Montreal


Premier Luxury Shopping destination In The Heart of   Downtown Montreal Upscale and Luxury Flagship Retailers Such As:


And More


InWear was established in 1969 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand was created as a fashion label for cool city girls with a feminine, urban, and confident look. The brand’s iconic style was an overnight success and to this day it still defines InWear.


We believe that fashion is about having fun, empowering and inspiring each other and being a little bit unpretentious.The way we empower women is by designing fashion with great details and eye-catching print stories, always in a range of colours, which makes it possible to create your own unique and feminine look.


Part Two was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1986. We create fashion for the woman who wants to look great yet at the same time feel good while enjoying the authentic moments in life. All collections provide a credible quality expressed through attention to great design, comfortable fit, richness in fabrics and excellent craftsmanship.

Prestigious Fashion Mall

Les Cours Mont Royal

Barbie Expo Trip Adviser Reviews

  •   Barbi Expo is amazing🤩 Interesting for all ages - beautiful dolls are for kids and creative and witty Barbies’ outfits are for adults. The Barbies on the Expo put on costumes of different nationalities, famous stars and times. The idea of making Barbi Expo in...More

    thumb Ekaterina T

      This place is so magical! It reminded me my childhood. They have a vast selection of amazing barbies. You will see barbies wearing the typical clothes of every country and also featuring famous people. There’s even a barbie box where you can fit and take...More

    thumb Andrea E

      I went there more than once and would invite my friends and family to go with me. The place itself is very chic and everything is very nicely displayed by category. A lot of these Barbies will bring you back to your childhood as they...More

    thumb NickD1559
  •   was in awe when I seen all these beautiful barbies. Most I have never seen before and wanted to purchase so bad! I hope this place remains open! Only take away was watching a Gentleman remove money from the fountain. I think the fountain needs...More

    thumb Nikki N

      I've been a Barbie collector for a long time and visiting the Barbie Expo is like heaven on Earth. So many beautiful dolls all wonderfully displayed. I have been many times and plan to go back again soon. I hope this expo stays open forever!

    thumb Judie A

      This is a very cool place where children can enjoy a huge collection of barbies, while gown up can admire the dresses and clothing collection which is very impressive.

    thumb ValerioVV
  •   We came across the exhibition by accident getting lost in the underground malls - but it was well worth getting lost!! Hundreds of Barbies in all sort of different costumes - from traditional dress of many countries to historical styles and fabulous creations. It was...More

    thumb grannye

      Fantastic! This was a wonderful display of so many Barbies! It is located in a beautiful mall, so tastefully displayed. The location was on the second floor from the bottom (so below street level). No cost event. We are so happy we took time to...More

    thumb jjjad128103012

      There are all kinds of Barbie dolls there. Some you couldn't even imagine. The expo is free, inside a mall, so really accessible. Worth the visit to remember some and get to know new great Barbies.

    thumb Daniele P
  •   LOVED, LOVED!!! I must go back with my grand daughter for this. It's really really beautiful and it is FREE!! A must if you love Barbie 🙂

    thumb sobella710

      We stopped at the Expo while we shopping in the mall. It was a large selection of dolls and they had some interesting setup.

    thumb John379

      OMG. This expo is totally fun. Amazing costumes for the iconic doll from my childhood. Famous designers have really outdone themselves to create the styles & story. Definitely see this exhibition.

    thumb Consultcinda
  •   the place is clean and full of good memories ... our children like this place too. It is closed to a big shopping mall that you could spend your time

    thumb mic L

      Dropped by the Barbie Expo for what I thought would be a quick peek in, but ended up staying for 2 hours admiring the exhibit. It's wonderfully laid out and something any group size and age mix will enjoy.

    thumb Jazzle1212

      Me and my husband had fun in there. I liked the bride part better. We even took some photos of eachother inside the pink box 😅 spent about an hour watching all the details 😍

    thumb maryam m
  •   This is an amazing collection of Barbie dolls in the Underground shopping center and all free. Worth the visit regardless of age.

    thumb PortlandManny

      Expo has all kinds of Barbie that one can imagine. My toddler daughter especially enjoyed and of course wanted to have all the barbies. To top that it is free. Must see if you have some free time and like Barbie or have a toddler...More

    thumb Binbin12

      There was not a lot here but Barbies in display cases. If you are a true Barbie fanatic, then this would be a must-see, otherwise, it was barely worth the detour through the building.

    thumb JohnnyBr
  •   Amazing costumes, beautifully displayed and free to view. Love the mix of display cases ranging from 007, fashion show catwalk to styles through the ages and more. A hidden gem definitely worth hunting down. Walk round the displays once, then walk round again. So much...More

    thumb Leak123

      A free Barbie Expo opposite the hotel I was staying in, how could I resist? The expo is suitable for any age, I was born the same year as Barbie and I loved it. It shows lots of fantastic fashion and costumes rather than old...More

    thumb Neffrose

      We stopped in on a whim and I’m so glad we did. This is well worth a bit of time. It’s fun to see Barbie as she has changed over the years and also to see her amazing costumes.

    thumb petulasmom
  •   It was a fun and entertaining visit while we were at the shopping center. You can see a large range of all kinds of different Barbies from different times or countries. There are super hero Barbies as well as famous Barbies such as Prince William...More

    thumb sonicfra

      A wonderful woman on Peel Street stopped and asked if I needed help. Ehile giving me directions to Mount Royale she mentioned the Barbie Expo right down the street. A UNIQUE find in the back of a clothing store. All designer dolls with designer clothing.

    thumb massagemom73

      My friends and I loved this experience. It was such a fun, comprehensive exhibit. The detail was amazing. We had so much fun.

    thumb Maria C
  •   Situated in a mall, well worth a visit, it's fre. My wife loved it and would have spent more time there, unusual when there are shops and more shops about. If in the area drop in, a real Americana/Canadian experience.

    thumb snei

      It's their incredible, custom-made, designer-influenced outfits that make the show!! These outfits would look fabulous on dolls made from Popsicle sticks! As a long time miniaturist, I can attest to their clothing's beautiful craftsmanship--so tiny and perfect. There are literally hundreds of dolls and each...More

    thumb CoyneToronto

      White walls, chandeliers, a fountain and barbies behind glass, in all sorts of costumes: celebs, brides, in national and designer outfits and art themed dresses - Monet's water lilies, Van Gogh's starry night, etc etc Les Cours Mont-Royal is one of Montreal's finest shopping centres...More

    thumb innaMontreal
  •   My husband and I are visiting Montréal for a couple of days and as I’ve been a lover of Barbie my whole life I was excited to see there was a Barbie exhibition. I made my husband come as well and he even loved looking...More

    thumb AmeliaK29

      Hundreds of Barbie’s dressed in everything you can imagine. As long as you don’t get too concerned about the commercialism, stereotypes and a bit of playful cultural appropriation, you’ll have a good time enjoying the creativity that went into this unique display.

    thumb boltuprightCanada

      Great little exhibition, enjoyable visit for the whole family. The designs of the outfits are amazing and the details are incredible (designer shoes, period hairdos and fishnet stockings to name a few). Some great scenic displays and Barbies depicting famous people. Loved the 'Around the...More

    thumb memee08